Who is DJ Law?

The famous football player’s full name is Dacorious Law, who was born in Haines city of Florida in the USA on November 6, 1994. He is now a well-known footballer and all the world know him as a professional football player. He belongs to a Christian family.

DJ Law

DJ Law: Early life and education

If we talk about his early life, he studied at Haines High School and then went to East Mississippi Community College. He also wishes to be a football player, and he practiced their school all day. While he was great at football but not rightly attracted to studies. His grades are too less to continue his studies. He also tried a lot to complete his education. But his mind always focuses on football playing.

DJ Law: Motivational speaker

Two years ago, Dj was a guest at parker high school, and he spoke about trying to prompt the children, He also spoke about their future decision. He explained how to decide for the future that will help you in a real way.DJ Law also spoke that DJ is not a motivational speaker, but he is a mentor to give the right way to students and kids. He felt good after done his speech.

DJ Law: Career and academies

There is less information about his career, but as you know, he is a famous player .before that he was a part of the Netflix documentary series in 2016. The series name was “Lat chance u”.

DJ Law

These series describes the career of DJ and about football struggles background stories and facing. There was an academic teacher who was there to teach them to pass the exams. He again started there studies after one year. So, there are a total of 23 episodes of that documentary.

DJ Law career

When Law’s documentary released after that, he was famous in the whole world. University of Alabama, Birmingham invited him to play the football for team ‘blazers’.After some time he injured and left that blazers team. Then DJ thought about his next step in football. Then law played football privately, and all pictures uploaded in his Instagram account.

Dacorious: Personal life

Law’s mother’s name is Veronica Purnell, and Dj law is not interested in discussing its family stats and life.we don’t know about his father’s name. His mother told him to study at the University of Mississippi, but the law father told him to choose another university.

DJ Law

The confusion is that there was not a good relationship with her dad and mom. I think his parents were divorced and lived separately; that’s why his father’s name is unknown.

This football player has no girlfriend, but the news is spreading that Law has a wife and has two kids .one a boy who is six years old and lives in Florida and about 2nd child there is no detailed information. There are no public details for his family. His wife lives in Florida with his child. When he shared his kid’s picture on Instagram,then everyone knows about law’s wife and children.

Height and networth

Law’s has black hair and black eyes.DJ height is about 5 feet and 11 inches, and he is 24 years old. As you know, he is an athlete, so he has 87 kg weight in total[187lbs].

DJ Law mostly earn from their career in football. That’s why his Networth is about less than $ 100,000.Become his career is starting, and it will take some time to earn more.

Law football stats

Law football game is very successful for him. Let’s check out the competition, which he played at the end of 2018. He had 64 rushes and ran 597 yards in total. He was very successful in football, and his team played six games out of total 7.

DJ Law

Social Network Presence

DJ law has thousands of followers on Instagram.completed his 20000 followers on Instagram. DJ made his twitter account in 2016, and now the law is trending on social media as a famous football player. He also has a facebook page with 4500 followers, and twitter account has 12000 followers in total.


He always wishes to be a successful footballer since his childhood. He also loves to catch fishing and love to run.


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