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Chanelle Punton Networth:Age,Height,weight,Measurments and More..

Who is Chanelle Punton?Secret Facts

Who is Chanelle Punton?Secret Facts

Chanelle Punton is a famous Instagram celebrity who got used fan following in recent years. She joined Instagram and other social media platforms in 2012, but after 2017 she got a huge reputation and respect from fans and following.

First NameChanelle
Second NamePunton
Career starting Year2012
Net worth2 millions dollars
Hieght5 feet 8 inches
Hair ColourBrown
Eyes colourBlack
Followers instagram260k
Twitter followersUnknown
Who is Chanelle Punton?Secret Facts

Early life and education

Chanelle Punton was Born in New South Wales, Australia. Her Date of birth is still secret, talk about the early life she spent childhood in Australia, and then moved to the United States for a career. If we talk about education and degrees of Punton.

she completed her High School from New South Wales and then completed a bachelor’s degree from a university in Australia. After that, she moved to the United States of America for a better career. Chanelle did not reveal anything about her family and friends, that’s why her parent’s names and details are still secret.

Career and achievements

From the beginning, Chanelle had a passion to become a big celebrity and she fulfilled that passion with the help of social media platforms, and Instagram helped her a lot. So far, she shares her photos and videos on Instagram daily and earns a good income.

Chanelle Punton net worth and salary

Chanelle Punton net worth and salary

A Cute girl assigned with many brands and companies and earning a lot from there. She did not avail of the exact amount of money that she has, but we found an estimated amount of money that is round about $2000000 Yearly. Mostly income comes from Instagram and other social media platforms where she posts pictures. Instagram paid her more from other companies because her followers on Instagram are in lacs.

Height Weight and body measurements

if we talk about Chanelle Height, her height is round about 5 feet and 8 inches. She mostly does exercises and goes to the gym that’s why her weight is less than other famous stars. Chanelle Punton’s weight is round about 60 kg. Punton hair color is brown and the color is black.

Social media accounts and activities

Chanelle came to LimeLight from social media platforms including Instagram. Her mostly traffic and forwards came from Instagram where she has 238 posts. Chanelle Punton has a massive 480 K followers that are active and likes her pictures and videos regularly. Meanwhile, she also made accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Where thousand of followers likes and followers with her posts.

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