If you are one of those permanent people who watch fox news every day. Then you should now bill O’Reilly’s ex-wife, whose name is Maureen Mcphilmy. News channels use that divorce topic as a trend. His career ended when six women’s claimed harassment and sex.

That was a terrible moment for the bill’s life. His career badly destroyed after that incident. Maureen Mcphilmy came to limelight when she showed her marriage with bill O’Reilly. If we talk about Bill O’Reilly’s career, he was a famous television star.

Mostly he worked with CBS news, fox news, and ABC news. If you want to know Mcphilmy’s career, bio, Divorce, facts, and life, then you read the whole paragraph; we will give you the right information about her career and facts about him.

Who is Maureen Mcphilmy?

The full name of Maureen is Maureen Elizebeth Mcphilmy. Who is an ex-wife of famous TV star and author, Bill O’Reilly? She was born on 11 May 1966. She was from a middle-class family who lived in Chittagongo, New York.

His father’s profession is Marketing, and his mother served as a Gardener. Thay was poor; that’s why her family life was full of hardships and pain. Her parents decided on divorce when she was at the age of 5. That was very difficult for every mother to grow her child.

Maureen Mcphilmy completed her high school education from St Peter’s School. Mcphilmy completed matric education in 1984 and then went to a notable University for a graduate degree. There is not much information about her childhood, family, and siblings. Mcphilmy also worked as a Public relations executive.

Is Maureen Mcphilmy married? Who is her husband Now? 

Maureen Mcphilmy married twice in her life. She met with bill O’Reilly in 1992. And after four years she got married. God blessed them with a son and a daughter.

Their son’s name was Spencer, who born in 2003 and after that daughter born in 1998 named Medline. They were living happily, but after some years, six women claimed sexual harassment to bill O’Reilly. After that, their marriage turned into sour.

A lot of reports show the proof of bill O’Reilly’s harassment. Bill paid around 50 million dollars to that woman for harassment settlement. He also forced his wife Maureen to sign the divorce. The divorce did on September 1, 2011, While the couple separated in 2010.

His wife won the Court challenge and took custody of her children. Maureen’s daughter showed testimony in court against her father and told that her father’s behavior was so rude to her mother.


Maureen Mcphilmy career and achievements

After completing her graduate degree, Maureen started working in a restaurant as a waitress. After that, she worked as a public relations in 1992.

Maureen was very hardworking, and that’s why she got success quickly. She is also well known as a public relations executive. Mcphilmy also earned the Handsome amount from that work.

Bill O’Reilly education, bio and marriage life

Bill O’Reilly was a famous journalist and author. Who work with Fox News, ABC News, and many more renowned news channels. He was born in manhattan city of New York on September 10, 1949.

Why did Maureen Mcphilmy divorce her first husband bill, O'Reilly? Wiki, bio, age, husband and net worth

He completed his school education at Westbury school, and also studied at Chaminade high school. After completed his matric education, he went to Marist College in 1967. He has three degrees in total, first from Boston University, the second one is a master’s degree from broadcast journalism, and the third one is from Harvard University.

Maureen Mcphilmy; Career

Bill started his career after graduation. He started working as a journalist in w n e p t v. Everyone now that he is an experienced person and hard worker. He was successfully won an award from Dallas Press Club for detailed an investigator reporting.

He also got an Emmy award. After that, O’Reilly gained more awards because of his skills and hard work. After that period, she worked with “ world news tonight,” nightline, and inside edition TV program.

During that time, Maureen and bill met, and the bill also appeared as a guest in many television shows.O’reilly created a live event with Joel Steinberg and also appeared in Los Angeles in a scene of riots in 1992.

Maureen Mcphilmy Current marriage and husband

Maureen currently married with Jeffrey gross which is detector in New York police. They met at a ceremony with a close friend. The reasonable fact is, both married twice in their life. Gross x wife’s name was Catherine McBride. Who died because of cancer.

Gross has two teen children from that marriage. Bill’s age was 43, and Maureen was 26 when they got married. But the age difference is not the reason or didn’t let them doubt. The couple married in Westbury, New York, in front of 100 guests.

Bill O’Reilly came in front of many scandals. In 2004, Andrea sued Bill for sexual harassment. After that, they are alleging extortion also claimed for 60 million dollars of harassment. These claims increased in 4 years, and in 2017, News was in trending that bill O’Reilly gave 9$ dollars for sexual harassment.

Maureen E. Mcphilmy Network and salary

As you read in the whole paragraph that Mcphilmy work as a public relation executive. She also earned a lot of money from different online sources and social media.

According to their various events, Her net worth is round about 4 million dollars. But it is too less from her past husband bill O’Reilly. His net worth is 85 million dollars, and the bill earned a salary of 20 million dollars.

Maureen Mcphilmy: Lifestyle, Cars, house, and expenses

Maureen earns up to $4 million or higher from that amount. She loves a beautiful and luxury life with that amount. She also has a house in New York. That worth is 4 million dollars. Maureen also spends most of her money on clothes and travels.

Mcphilmy: Age, height and weight 

Many friends and followers asked on social media about the age and height of the famous lady. The correct age of Maureen Mcphilmy is 53 years. If we talk about her height, she is 5 feet and 9-inch tall lady.

Mcphilmy weight is round about 56 kg Because she Excercise daily and eats healthy food. Her eyes color is brown. She spends most of her time with her kids and not using any social media account or service. His fans only watch her on news and programs gossips.


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