Who is Jade Logue?

Arlo Logue was born in the United States on 25th March 2001. But after some time, her name was changed to Jade Logue. She has an older brother name Finn Logue, who grew up in a beautiful house of his parents. The father name of Jade Logue is Donal Logue, and the mother is Kasey walker. She has a loving family who does not distinguish between boys and girls.

Jade Logue
Who is Jade Logue, daughter of Donal Logue’s? biography, facts, family, wiki

There is little information about her education and Universities. If we talk about her childhood, she grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Most people have known her as a transgender daughter. Jade is the daughter of an actor name Donal Logue.

Jade is well known as an American celebrity daughter. Her father, Donal Logue, started his career from “Gotham.” She was missing after 2017, but after one week she found in North Carolina.Now she is 18 years old and mostly spends her time with family. when she was 15 years old, she changed her look and reveal about her transgender. Is there any story behind Logue’s missing? Is she male or female? We know that you have some questions about her life. We give you the right information about her life and facts.

Early life and Jade Logue as a transgender

Jade is from her father’s ex-wife Kesay walker, and she was 3rd chid of her parents and younger from two children. But after some time their parents divorced. Jade Logue’s parents are very loving, but there is no much information about her parent’s divorce. There are theorizing about the decision of transgender that affects the lives of her parents, which leads to divorce.

When Jade was 15 years old, he declared about transgender, But after that, she supported by her parents. After she became transgender, she to change her appearance like a woman. Jade started using women’s clothes, cosmetics, and also grew her hair and started using makeup.

In recent months she is looking like a woman; there is only one thing that people knew that Jade Logue was born as a boy, and her father uploaded many pictures of her childhood. Her family always helped him with the decision to become transgender. jade father tweeted that “I love my all child and support them, but honestly, all are not innocent and loving children than Jade. I love her, and I also met some famous people through her, but some marauders come in their life,”

jade Logue missing

Many people made a joke of jade pictures when she tweeted a photo in 2016, where she was looking like a woman. in 2017, jade went to meet a friend, But after that, she left her home and never returned. Donal Logue was unable to find her and the only way he found to return back the jade. Her father, Donal, tweeted about the missing news of her daughter and requested his followers for help. After that, many people gave rise to that topic and started searching for him.

It is not confirmed that why she left her home? He was found with the help of NYPD, FBI, and missing center if America, after the two weeks of missing. She was missing on 27th June 2017 and found on the 8th of July 2017. These institutes found with Jade’s friend in North Carolina. Many people helped the FBI were Danny Trejo and Mark Ruffalo. After she came back to her home, she finally lived with her family in Los Angeles.

Jade Logue family details

There is little information about her mother’s profession and life; she is well known as an actress on television. She co-hosts the shows name Good fight and law& order.

Donal Logue was a famous Hollywood actor and star. She worked in many successful and memorable films and also work in television shows. When Jade was missing, her mother Ask for help from many fans and followers, and a lot of people helped him for searching.

Donal Logue Biography

Donal Logue got their degree from Harvard University. He started his career in 1992 appeared as a guest program “the X-Files” and gained popularity in only some time. After that, Donal got many famous roles in films.

Jade Logue

After that, Donal Logue worked in the movie “Zodiac” and “Ghost Rider.” He is also an award winner in films like Ground for life, sons of anarchy, and many more. He was born in Canada and also had nationality from the United States and Ireland. There are some reports that her parents are no longer as a partner.

Social media

Jade Logue also famous on social media and mostly active on popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook. When she was 15, she tweeted about her transgender life, and many people made a joke about her. After that, she left social media sites and started living with parents, Jade fan following decreased because she is not active on social media accounts.

Jade Logue personal life

There is a little bit of information about the Jade Logue relationship; many sources told that she is young and still single. Transgender people always disagree, when someone talks about her relationship.

One fact is that we don’t know about her relationship due to absence in online platforms. She mostly inactive and not interested in a relationship because of her decision about transgender.

The Networth of Jade Logue

What is the net worth of Jade Logue? How much she earns from sources? Many fans and followers have questions in their minds. In 2018 many sources confirm that her net worth is $80,000. She has supported by her father, Donal Logue’s net worth is round about 3 million dollars. That is a significant amount of famous actor.


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