Who is andy bassich?

Andy Bassich is a famous American television star. He was born in Washington(USA) in 1959. The acclaimed series of Andy was “life below Zero” on National channels.

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He is the only person who lives without any water, Electricity and another source during his program. He has over 37 dogs that andy took care of. Andy completed high School education at John. F Kennedy high school.

Study Life and Career

He didn’t go to college because he was not interested in Studies, .and also some family and money problems took him far from Studies. He chooses other professions to start carpenter jobs. His parents are sick, and then he started a carpenter job to earn money.

He always interested to look after dogs. Then after some years, he got a chance on Geographic channel on television, and the series name was “life below zero” Andy bassich age is now 60 years.

Andy always wanted to explore nature when he was in Alaska. His sister married in Alaska. Then he returned from Alaska and did some job. When he moved to Alaska, he knew the life in that city.

He also worked in a riverboat as a captain for 20 years. The grandmother of Andy always advised him to live a life as he wants. After he moved to Alaska, he lived there in woods and forests without any source of water and electricity. Andy lives in Fairbanks, Alaska.

life below zero program

When we listen to the name of “life below zero“.It describes the whole life of andy and five other Television stars.

Meet Andy Bassich new girlfriend Denise Becker Biography

That programme based on the National Geographic channel and he selected as a host of the programme. That programme was challenging for andy bassich Because andy live there without water and electricity.

Then he and his wife moved to Alaska. They also had two dogs with them. They lived on 14 miles away from the town area.

Andy bassich net worth

He normally worked in a television program and if we talk about the estimated Net worth of andy. The net worth is about $280,000.

Andy bassich personal life

Andy is always very fond of dogs. That’s why he has a total of 37 dogs. His ex-wife name is kate. They met in Dawson City. When he and Kate were on tour, they met when andy was riverboard captain.

Meet Andy Bassich new girlfriend Denise Becker Biography

The time brought them close, and they got married. They both face different problems. They hunt, together and grow in that city. They also do their business joined. They got Ready their dogs for a fight.

Kate was abused by verbal and also because of Tv. Show related to Andy. They divorced and ended their relationship. Due to some problems, they divorced in 2016. They divorced just because of fighting. Andy bassich and Kate have more than three children. We don’t know the exact number of children.