Allegra cole was a beautiful woman who is famous for her boobs job. She noticed three times for breast enlarge. Allegra name was very confusing for everyone, but when the new generation watches the pictures of cole, they would be clear because Allegra has boobs factory inside.

Allegra was a piano teacher and long term businesswomen who have 54 size boobs. Let’s scroll down; you will find the best biography, family and husband of Allegra. You can also read about comparing the lips and boobs with other stars and celebrities.

Surgery of breast

Allegra writes about her that she always wishes to have a small breast size. So she went to breast enlargement centre and took the dose of 800cc.after that the size of her breasts was increased up to 54.

Allegra Cole

After that, Allegra was not satisfied with that size. She uploaded a picture on the Instagram profile of Allegra cole. She went again to breast centre and still change their mind.after that Allegra increased her breast size up to 2000cc. After that, she uploaded the picture back on insta and satisfied with that size.

If we talk about second surgery of Allegra cole, after some time there was a difference between first and second breast size, the original breast size was up to 4000cc, and 2nd was 3660cc. A website which gives the free opportunity for surgery and site also allowed the Allegra for operation. She agreed and decided on surgery. After that, she worked for those women who have larger breast and also gathered some funds for those women.

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Allegra Cole: Net Worth Followers & Social Profiles

Allegra’s net worth is about over than 100$ thousand per year, and mostly she earns from social media sites and business.

Allegra cole is a famous in social media like Instagram and facebooks .cole has an Instagram account with 804k active followers. Also, Allegra has a facebook profile with millions of likes and followers.she also have an Instagram 2nd profile with four thousand followers.

family & Husband

Allegra married with two persons. Once she married at an early age.From her first marriage, Allegra cole have three children, and after some time her husband was dead, and then cole took a decision of 2nd marriage. When she realized that she cant fulfil the expense of her children she made a new boyfriend and married with her boyfriend named Dyson Salleh who was ten years younger than her. They introduced their relationship with friends.They had 8 children in total.

Allegra Cole

Allegra Cole: Body size and bra size

This celebrity has the largest breast size of 54, and the hip size is 29 and 34 waist size. Celebrity is famous for only her breast size. Height of Allegra 5.6 feet and weight is 70 kg. Allegra cole has brown eye colour and black hair colour.


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