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Lil Pump Net Worth, Age, Bio height and relationship

He is a famous rapper from America. He is also a songwriter and manufacturer. He is renowned through Sound cloud by songs, and then he entered into the spotlight. He is from Miami city in Florida. His album names are Lil pump (2017) “1 Love it, D Rose and many more. His 2nd albums released on Feb 2019. The famous boy was born in Miami city of Florida on the 11th of August, 2000. When he was 6years old, his parents divorced each other. Lil has a brother also. Lil was a naughty schoolboy. The school kicked him when the pump was in class 10 because of a fight in school. In an interview, he said that he went to Harvard University after school, and left that university because he wanted to become a rapper. Her 2nd Album name is “Harvard Dropout” Because he dropped university for a career.

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Career and Social accounts

Lil Pump always wanted to become a famous rapper. Therefore he grew up and listened to the other rappers and started his career. Her first albums released 2016 in March.

His songs are too impressive, and many followers follow him. After his songs, he Created audience on twitter Facebook and Instagram. That’s why there are millions of people who become fans of Garcia. He now signed with leading music companies like Warner and the lights Global, and His album gets 100M+ views and trends on the top music cloud platforms. The collections were also very famous on Youtube, and about 875 million people love their songs.
The pump has about 5 million followers and 26 million fans on Spotify. He has billion of views on youtube, and million of Subscribers watched his videos on youtube monthly. Garcia signed music album Scheduled On August 8, 2018. These tracks were Drugs addicts and Designer.

Lil Pump Net Worth, Age, Bio height and relationship
Net Worth, Age, Bio height and relationship

His popularity started in 2017 when he released his song “Gucci Gang” which was trend Number 3 on Billboard USA. His rape including “I love it” “Racks and rocks and drug addicts He also released is 2nd album on 2019. Gracia’s rap songs are “Ignorant” and “Drumstick” that got 3 million streams when she released D rose and Boss, then his Career began to start.

Height, Weight and Net Worth

The Height of Lil pump is 5.6 feet and has Many tattoos on body and neck. The Net worth of the pump is about 5 million dollars. He only earned 170$ thousand dollars in 2017. That was his significant achievement. The deal with Warner Bros. That’s why he gained a lot.

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Lil Pump Net Worth, Age, Bio height and relationship
Net Worth, Age, Bio height and relationship

Legal issues of lil pump

Garcia was arrested by Police on Feb 15, 2018, because of discharge weapon in front of Police. According to its manager, three persons attacked and break the door of Lil pump’s home. Police found unloaded gun from his home. His mother also investigated in that case.

Second-time he arrested by traffic Police because he was driving without Licence. On 3rd September he said that he is going to jail because he breaks the law two times. Then after he continues Career and not went to jail and did not talked about that topic.
On December 2, he was arrested again by Police because he is Singing songs a late night. Therefore he was banned for two years for entry in that country. After that, he arrested by airport police on December 13, 2018. When Police try to check his bags, he misbehaved with officers. But he won’t have any drugs, and due to speak loudly, Police arrested him.


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