Dorian Rossini is a French music artist and musician who sings a lot of songs. Rossini was born in {December 13 1990} in Paris, France.

He was an artist and musician on social media like Facebook and youtube. Most of his popularity is a Facebook page and Instagram profile. where he uploads his pictures and music videos.

Dorian Rossini pictures Networth

Dorian Rossini also sings the song in movies. But the best fact of her life is he did not take part in any reality show. The famous songs of Rossini are in French and English. Therefore the audience of their songs is from France and the united states. There are also millions of Fans in Europe and Asia because of his English songs.

Albums and songs

The most popular Albums of Rossini are “Stamina” and “Religious”.Therefore, the most popular songs of Rossini are “Je Suis Dieu” in French and “Masculation Yeah Yeah” in English. Dorian Rossini is also working on his new songs that will come at the end of 2019.

Dorian Rossini Family and bio

The French Celebrity Dorian was born on 13 December 1990. currently, he is at the age of 28. Rossini’s birthday is coming in December. The mother of Rossini was a Designer and executive. She was a teacher at the kindergarten school system.

The Father of Rossini was a Jazz singer. Rossini got so many medals in schools and colleges Because of his Beautiful voice. Rossini also got his degree in music and theatre Programs. He loves the songs since his childhood.

Full real birth Name Dorian Rossini
Nationality France
Nickname Rossini
Famous His song Religious {2014}
Profession Music artist and singer
Gender Male
Religion christanity
Date of birth 13 December 1990
Ethnicity French

Height and weight and Family

It has since been pointed out that his height is not exaggerated and it is in fact accurate that his height is accurate. He does however say that his actual height is 5 feet 6 inches. The real question is how long will it take to reach that height. The answer is many years as compared to other celebrities.

Markie post

Height Feet :5.8
Shoe Size 10
Eye colour Brown
weight 70Kg
Hair Dark Brown
family Status unmarried
children None
GirlFriend None
Biceps size 15 inch…
Tatoo N/A

Education and Hobbies

Qualification Graduate in Theature and Music.
Most visited place Newyork{USA}
Favourite colour Blue
school High school, Paris
Loving Hobby Photography
Loving Dishes Mango Juice and cheez pasta.

Dorian Rossini’s Career

Dorian Rositini started his career in the United States, playing in clubs in New York City. He then went on to perform in Europe and did so well that he was offered the lead role in a play called “Pondering With Dorian”.

DJ Hannah b

This production was so successful that it was seen all around the world. Dorian went on to make more movies in the United States before making the move to Europe to star in the film “The Young and the Restless”.

Dorian Rossini photos

Dorian Rossini has a long and impressive career that dates back to the early nineteen seventies when he sang and was recorded as the star of Broadway’s revival of “Wicked Turnip”. Dorian has since gone on to have other great successes such as the hugely popular film of the same name and has won numerous awards for his singing. In recent years he has also achieved great popularity with his book of the same title.

Dorian Rositini is an internet personality and singer. He has been a viral hit on the web for the issue of taking selfies with his fans.

Dorian has no problem with selfies

One day in an interview some internet celebrity would ignite the online world on fire as he explained the story of the infamous Dorian Rositini. For the first time ever he said he had no problem with selfies and took photos of himself posing with fans. Some say he has a small ego and is proud of it.

Marriage status

Dorian Rossini is married and has two children. His first marriage was to Pamela Anderson, who was also an actress. He has said he met her while working on one of her movies and the two became lovers.

How to Be Famous & Rich

He is also an Internet Celebrity and is currently writing a new book entitled “How to Be Famous & Rich”. His career is still going strong and many believe he is the next big thing in music and Hollywood.

Dorian Rossini biography

Dorian Rossini is very active on the Internet. He is known for his many blogs and has even taken to blogging his own music. Many think he could be the next big thing in the entertainment industry. He has also written a number of articles about his music on his blog.

Dorian Rossini Net worth

The Net worth of Dorian Rossini is about 500,000$.

He has a Facebook and Instagram account. Millions of followers like him on social media. The habit of Dorian is photography when he feels free, then he takes his camera and starts capturing photos.

Dorian Rossini lives in a mansion in Miami Beach, Florida. It has been said that his estate is worth about one hundred million dollars. Although there are some reports that claim he owes a lot of money to the IRS, others point to other people saying that this is due to Dorian failing to maintain his home after his divorce from Pamela. Whatever the case, the house and his property are now worth a fraction of the original estimate.
Take Selfie with Rossini

The most frequent problem to take a selfie including Dorian Rossini. You need to use photoshop or any other editor to make a selfie with Rossini. Because it is so much challenging to take a selfie with Dorian.

Hobbies and Important Information

Rossini has been quoted as saying that he would like to have the same kind of success that Marlon Brando and James Dean had in their careers. If he could get that kind of success, it is said that he will be a star and everyone is talking about him and his success.

Dorian Rossini is a member of the famous cast of the television show “The Real Housewives of Miami” and has been featured many times. His character in this show is a real estate agent. He is one of only a few men on the series that are real estate agents. His real estate agent character has recently become divorced and it seems as though the two have hit it off in the end of the season.

He is known for his love of animals and has several dogs of different breeds. In addition, he owns a cat named Nola. When asked what animals he likes to watch, he has been quoted as saying that his dogs and cats are more of a hobby than pets. His pet bird is named Bob.



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